Monthly price

Amount to pay in order to use this plan. Once paid you get one month of use.

Transaction fee

The transaction fee is charged on top of the payment method used at the moment of purchase.

Here are the transation fees charged by different payment methods:

Payment methodFee
Bank transfer0%
Khipu1% (with a $500 limit)
PayPal5,4% + USD 0,30

Basic e-commerce features

This functions include: shopping cart, discount coupons, offer shipments and pickups and create/edit products.

Show your own Ads

Make your own adversiting deals and show those ads on your LMC profile

LMC reserves the right to cancel (take down) at any time any ad showing offensive and/or inappropriate content or material.

Offer subscriptions

Offer your customers weekly or monthly subscriptions.

Market analysis

Based on Big Data technics we analysize the beer market and provide you with a score.

Consignment stock (Only in Santiago)

We will store your products in a LMC warehouse. The location could vary based on demand.

With the current plans, we offer 1 cubic meter worth of store. We are hoping to upgrade this space in the future for future plans.

An extra fee is charge based on the costs associated with the shipping. We always look for the cheapest one.